The King with Many Faces

We proudly present our second player story in the blog!

As a result of a recent writing contest in our Spanish forum, player Altrox impressed everyone with this creative story about a true event that happened in the kingdom he belonged to. He managed to write a story that combines both the world of Travian as well as our roles as players inside it.

Needless to say, he was one of the winners and we hope he enjoys his well-deserved prize, as we hope you enjoy his story. You can read the story in its original version in Spanish, among those of the other participants, in our Traviano’s Treasure contest in the forum.

Without further delay, here is his story! Feel free to let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

The King with Many Faces

Not long ago, an investigator appeared in a prolific kingdom where rules were respected, villages acted as one and battles were perfectly coordinated. Known simply as M.H., he offered to figure out a mystery that had long weighed in everyone’s hearts.

Many laughed and mocked him, but he would not stop his investigation, for an anonymous tip from a rival kingdom demanded justice. AltroX, one of the local governors, observed the investigator as he inquired village by village for information.

He suspected it to be his king, but as a faithful servant, he would not point the finger without proof. At night, he waited near the king’s palace, lurking in the dark, for something to happen… until he soon enough had his answer: The king, dressed as a governor, spent the next few hours riding from village to village, where he would command the local soldiers to go on difficult assaults and raids, sending all the resources and grain they obtained not to their starving families, but… to his own kingdom!

Outraged and angry at such a revelation, AltroX decided to contact the investigator right away. The king was certainly stopped, his resources, orders, plots and conspiracies completely frozen, awaiting a final verdict. In the end, all his ill-gotten gains were taken from him, but he was allowed to continue his devious reign.

Unhappy with the benevolent punishment of the investigator, AltroX planned his own revenge: He would create his own kingdom, attack the treacherous king and destroy him for what he had done. No mercy for a false king!


Altrox observing the king at night.


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