💥 Mayhem is your new proving ground  

Faster training, quicker healing, and a world ablaze with conflict. Mayhem is calling out to its champions! 

The first round of our new Mayhem Mode worlds starts on December 12, 2023. 

In these Mayhem worlds, we will offer a changed Balancing to enable new and interesting playstyles and strategies for you to experiment with. This year’s installment is called ‘Absolute Mayhem’ and will play on a 3x speed world. 

Let’s take a closer look at what to expect 

  • All troops from Barracks and Stables have greatly reduced training times and training costs 
  • Healing by Bandages has been greatly increased 
  • The Healing Tent has a bigger capacity and lower costs 
  • Crop consumption of Infantry and Cavalry has been reduced in your crop balance 
  • Wolves and Bears will come in bigger packs, and you will get more cages from your adventures 
  • A new Special Achievement will be granted to those who last until the Wonders of the World phase 
  • A free Travian Plus for every player on Absolute Mayhem ➕ 

But watch out! 

  • Building and upgrading your villages will remain unchanged 
  • These balancing changes can only be experienced on Absolute Mayhem 
  • Normal Achievements cannot be earned in this game world due to major balancing changes 
  • Troops stationed at the Wonders of the World do not receive the usual reduction in Crop consumption 

Get ready for high-intensity action and start gathering your team of old and new friends.  
And see you on Discord for fun Mayhem contests! 

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