Fairy Tale

A long long time ago, the tale-teller Danielhart shared this Travian Kingdoms fairy tale in the forum about brave heroes and the mysterious Gold Fairy:

Three brave kings saw that their dukes and governors were suffering from shortages in most of their villages. They did not have enough gold to keep the builders working and so many of the common folk were left out in the wilderness to fend for themselves, with no available room in the buildings until more were built or upgraded. There was not enough gold to hire, train and equip sufficient troops to keep the villages safe and wage war on the enemy. The kings set out to petition the Natarian emperor for an increase in the weekly stipend of gold delivered by the magic Gold Fairy.
It was an arduous journey through hostile territory and untamed wilderness, past oases filled with the fiercest of wild animals, and up a forbidden mountain to the palace of the greatly feared Natarian emperor. It was an epic journey, fraught with dangers of all kinds and the heroes went on many adventures along the way, but accompanied by their three heroes and a small force of scouts, they eventually found themselves standing at the gates of the imperial city.
The emperor was impressed by the bravery of this alliance of kings and their courageous subjects, and although he could have lawfully ordered their execution for trespassing on his mountain, he agreed to hear their petition. The scouts were given beds in the imperial barracks and the kings and heroes attended a great feast with the emperor. After the feast, the emperor took the kings aside and heard their pleas for more gold.
“But you must understand, it was decided to give each and every king, duke and governor an equal stipend with which to pay builders, raise armies and develop villages. My decree was fair to all, regardless of station or ability. I intended that all in my world have an equal share of my gold, and that no one should sell the gold from my mines” the emperor said. “It was not my intent that any should feel the effect of poverty. Use what I give you wisely.”
The bravest of the three kings stepped forward. “We accept that the mountains from which all gold is mined all belong to you, and that the Gold Fairy is your creature and can be controlled by no other hand. We accept that it is you and only you who decides how much of that gold we each receive, and we are ever grateful to you. However, as you may not have noticed, our villages have multiplied, and as more and more villages are settled we have less and less gold for each one. Many of the common folk must survive in the wilderness because we have no place for them. Many turn in desperation to banditry and robbery in order to survive, forcing us to send our armies to kill them and recover the stolen goods. We want only to build homes and create jobs for those lost souls, and to recruit larger armies with which to defend them and confront the enemies who would seek to harm us. We do not ask only for ourselves, but for everyone who is responsible for managing the villages and cities. We ask that you grant everyone an equal increase, not only us.”
The emperor sat for a long while, gazing off into the distance. Then he turned to the king who had spoken, “I will send out my own scouts to investigate these claims and they will report back to me. You may rest tonight and then return to your kingdoms in the morning. I will give each of you one imperial pigeon, which you are to feed and take special care of. In the event that either of you ever has an issue you feel I should be aware of, you will attach a note to the pigeon’s leg and set it free. Never encroach upon this mountain again, nor upon any of the forbidden mountains until such time that I open all mountains to be inhabited by your people. I will consider your request after my investigation. Leave me now.”
And so the kings returned, each to his own kingdom. For making the journey and gaining an audience with the emperor, we should all consider them heroes. They sought help for us all, friend and foe alike. Whether they succeeded in their quest, we will not know until the next appearance of the Gold Fairy.

What do you think about the Gold Fairys’ decision? Do you also have a story about her to tell? Or another one in the Travian Kingdoms universe?
We are looking forward to reading your comments,
Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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