Kingdoms Riddle

A lot of logical thinking and problem solving is needed to play Travian Kingdoms. To win this very first blog contest, you also need to show us your logical talent by finding the solution to the following riddle.
The following prizes await those who get the answer right:
2 x 200 Gold
5 x 50 Gold
5 x 25 Gold
1 x 1 Elephant

The kingdom “Blowfish” planned five major attacks against five different hostile kingdoms. Now that they have succeeded in winning all of them, they want to share the resources and treasures equally among the king and dukes.
Most of the treasures were gained within the 2nd attack: They gathered 7,000 treasures and a lot of wood and clay.
The least amount of treasures with a small amount of crop and clay were obtained by attacking the kingdom in the east.
The 4th attack took place in the west.
After attacking the kingdom “Kings of the North” they attacked the kingdom named “Thunder”, where a great deal of iron and clay could be stolen.
In the south, they attacked the kingdom “Holy Mary” and, in the east, they attacked “The Apes”.
They stole 4,800 treasures from the kingdom in the middle of the map and 6,500 treasures from “Big Fish”.
They also stole 5,200 and a lot of wood and iron from one kingdom and 4,100 treasures from another they attacked later.
After attacking the kingdom in the north, they attacked the one in the middle of the map.
Which kingdom had a lot of wood and crop?

Write your answer in a comment below and and include your avatar name and your game world along with your answer. The winners will be drawn randomly from all the participants with the correct answer. If no one or not enough participants got the right answer, all participants will be entered into the draw.
The Contest ends on January 31, 2017, at midnight.
Good luck and have fun figuring out the solution!
Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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