You want to settle as soon as possible?


There’s more than one way to settle quickly at the beginning of a round. Here are the ten main points that you have to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t use too many resources for leveling up resource fields: The first thought might be “If my resource fields are high, I can get more resources out of them.” This is true, but it’s not an efficient way to spend your resources at the beginning of a round. It’s better to build them up to get quest bonuses and then switch your focus on constructing buildings for further quest bonuses. This way, you can to get your residence high enough and have resources for your settlers much more quickly.
  2. Use the premium feature “resource bonus” for 5 days: Even if you don’t want to spend money on playing Travian Kingdoms, you get 40 Gold for free at the start of a new game round. Spend half of it on this option and get 25% more resources for 5 whole days.
  3. Upgrade your main building to at least level 10, but keep the other buildings on a low level: When the main building level is high enough, all the building times for other buildings will be reduced. Even if you spend Gold on the instant finish feature to skip waiting times, be aware that you cannot do so for the residence… And that’s the only building where you can train your settlers!
  4. Don’t build every building you can: It is good to have buildings like the stable and the embassy to get culture points, but you don’t need the stonemason’s lodge just yet. This is especially the case when you want to switch your main village to a new one.
  5. Use the quest bonuses wisely: Not all quests have to be done early when you want to settle as soon as possible. And other quests will be shown only after you have finished smaller quests first. For example, there are a lot of resources bonuses for training 15, 25 and 250 troops. Make sure you train them! You can find a list of quests on the wiki
  6. Wait before you start leveling up the academy and building the town hall: To get enough culture points to settle, you need to build the town hall. But it is better to wait until you have trained your first 3 settlers. You’ll benefit immensely from this quest and have enough resources to level up these buildings.
  7. Attack wild oases for resources: Wild animals in oases are slowly but steadily produce resources in those oases… and you can loot these resources! This is done by attacking the oasis, which can be done even while still in beginners’ protection.
  8. Include your hero in robber attacks: It is important to send your hero on adventures in order to find even more resources… But don’t forget to also use your hero in attacks against robber hideouts. This will lead to more rapid growth of experience and you can use these experience points to level up the resource production. After beginners’ protection is over, you can use the book of wisdom to give them a greater offensive strength.
  9. Switch the hero production between the resources: Sometimes you have plenty of one resource, but are short of others. To get more resources of one kind faster, remember to switch the hero production to the resource you need the most and afterwards switch it to another resource again as you see necessary.
  10. Build crannies in your new village: You’ll probably drop out of the beginners’ protection after founding your new village. Build crannies in your new village to keep your resources there and prepare yourself for attacks.

What do you think about these ten tips for settling? Do you have another strategy for settling quickly on a new Travian Kingdoms game world? Or do you take a completely different strategy?
Let us know in the comments!
Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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