Kingdoms forum contest for Valentine’s day

Kingdoms forum valentines contest
Dear players,  
do you want to win in game prizes? Then go the international section of the kingdoms forum and take part in the Valentines Contest there: 

What is there to do?

Well, that is easier said than done: You have to write a love letter to either Wren or Marcus. You can decide if actually you or your hero is writing this love note. Post this letter in the forum and you are taking part in the contest. An internal jury will decide who’s letters will be the best and which 2 letter will win the most Gold.
When you read through all those love confirmations, give a like to the best posts. There is a deeply in love couple of crocodiles searching for a home. You can help them with liking your favourite love notes.
Additionally, there will be Gold prizes given out randomly to the participants.
Remember: Only post your love letters on the

kingdoms forum

to take part in this contest! Valentine’s contest thread


There are different prizes waiting for you. As already mentioned, an internal jury will decides, which letters will be the best ones.

  • The two best letters – 200 gold
  • 8 random drawn winners – 100 gold
  • The post with the most likes: 2 crocodiles

Hurry up! Valentines day is just around the corner!
Good luck!
Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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