New Statistics Design

Dear Players,

we proudly present you the new statistics design.

Quick overview

These are the main changes:

  • The Top 3 players are shown more prominently
  • The hero shots are now visible in the lists
  • Hovering over a player leads to more information about him

Compare the old and new statistic windows

What better way to see all the changes we made than in comparing the old and the new version of some of the statistic windows? To see the main improvements, we are showing an example of the statistics about the most successful attackers, the largest players and the largest villages.

The most successful attackers

In this new statistic screen, you not only get more images, but also more information. The amount of defeated troops are shown for the first 3 attackers on the list. And you can compare yourself to the average attacker points that are also displayed here.

Kindoms attacker statistics

The new attacker statistics window with hero pictures and TOP3 players.

Travian Kingdoms old version attacker statistics

The old version of the attacker statistics without hero images.












The largest players

On the following screenshots, you can see the new hovering effect: When you hover over a players’ entry in the list, his detailed information are shown on the left side of the window. Without hovering, you will see the TOP 3 players displayed here, like in the example above. This works on every page of the list.

Kingdoms statistics overview hover

When hovering over a player on the list, more details about him are displayed on the left side.

old Travian Kingdoms statistics overview

Old statistic window without even displaying the prestige stars.












The largest villages

As well as above, we inserted in the largest villages statistic windows the hero images. Since the main focus of this list are on the villages, their images are also displayed. This allows you to see inactive village in the list at first glance.

Travian Kingdoms village statistics

Every tribe has another village image like on the Kingdoms map.

old Travian Kingdoms village statistics

The old list does look a bit grey.













What do you think about the new design? Tell us your thoughts in a comment or share it in this forum thread.

Sharpen your swords and good luck in achieving a high rank in one of the statistic lists!

Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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