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preparing as an off player
Dear Players,
some of our great Travian Kingdoms players were so kind to share their gaming experience and created a guide in which they are explaining how you can become a better off player.
A big thank you to Mayo_Com, Avin, Gaius and Delto! And I also want to thank the players who are helping with this guide and that aren’t mentioned here.
Well, even though the guide contains 4,294 words and is written on 12 pages, it is still work in progress. Still, you can gain a lot of knowledge by reading the already finished parts of the guide.
The OFF player guide is structured in 2 different parts:

  1. How to build and feed a large army
  2. General in game tools and strategies

I want to summarize the different topics a bit. But there is a reason why this guide is as long as it is. Travian Kingdoms is a strategy game and there is more than one strategy that leads to success. And then, it all depends on the tribe you select to play. They all have their different kinds of troops. And yes, the guides talks about the differences of playing Gaul, Teuton or Roman.

Part 1: Building and feeding a large Travian Kingdoms army

One may think: When I train a lot of troops, I’ll get a big army. What is the biggy? Well, playing Kingdoms isn’t that simple. To train troops, you have to have the right set of villages in which you want to train them. The guide explains how to structure your villages, where to settle and let’s you decide which strategy you want to follow.
Furthermore, it discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the troop types of each tribe. Of course, the Teutons are the ideal tribe for playing as an OFF player. But there are hard decisions to be made, for example choosing the Axefighters or the Clubswingers as your infantry unit. Both have their advantages and it might be great to play with the Clubs at the beginning of a game round and then switch later to the other. This strategy is even more advanced and needs a good gut feeling and experience when to do the switch.
After you made the decision which kind of troops you want to train in which village, the next point to consider is: How do I feed this huge army? Of course, settling on game fields that hold 9 or 15 crop fields can feed a large amount of your army and it is important to get one of these rare fields. But even these fields have a limit. There will come a day, where you have to plunder foreign villages to keep your army sustained. Either you stop your army from getting larger, or you start farming.
To be able to do sieges, you need to build rams and catapults in your workshop. But how many catapults and rams are really needed within a strong army? The guide suggests to have 1 player in your team that focuses on building these kind of troops. It also explains the differences between the walls of the three tribes and what you can expect from a Natarian wall.
For OFF Players, it is important to have a small population. Why? Due to the Moral bonus? Never heard of it? Well, then you definitely have to read the example the guide gives you.

As off player you should aim to be as much independent as possible crop and resource wise while having the lowest population possible in order to have the morale bonus applied in your favor, i.e. your pop is lower than the pop of the defender.

Some sections of this part of the guide aren’t finished yet. You can find them in the list at the bottom.

Part 2: in game tools and strategies

The second part of the guide explains general information about the different kind of attacks and give you basic information in how to successfully attack other Kingdom players. It is important to prepare an attack before sending your troops on the way. Condensed, you have to do these 3 steps:

  1. Check the rankings of the targeted player in the statistics
  2. Scout the village you want to attack
  3. Use the combat simulator

When you finally have your information, you can now decide if you want to do fake attacks, combined waves of attacks or if a simple raid is enough. The members of a kingdom have to work in a team to target large players or even a Wonder of the World.

Another use of raid mode is to spy on other people. Often the best way to “scout” a WW at the end of the game is to send in raid mode ten thousands of clubs instead of scouts. It costs less and it has an higher chance to succeed.

Do you have also experience in playing as OFF Player?
Maybe you can help them finish their guide. These topics are still on the to do list:

  • technical stuff about the stonemason
  • explanations about defensive units
  • How to conquer
  • How to defend

Here you can read the whole guide:
What do you think of this off guideline? Is it helpful for you? Do you already know how you will test it in game? Share your experience with us using this guide and write a comment!
Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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