Overhauling the Victory Point System

Travian Kingdoms Victory Point changes
Recently, we have been observing some forms of player behavior in which victory points are stolen in unintended ways and negative effects are even circumvented altogether. Since this feature plays an important role in creating dynamic and interesting gameplay throughout a round of Travian Kingdoms, we have decided to make some adjustments to deal with these “strategies”. This blog post will briefly describe what we have noticed and our upcoming counter-measures.
One popular strategy when forming a “meta kingdom” out of multiple kingdoms all over the map was to merge victory points in the endgame. To do so, the “supplier” kingdoms just had to be within the top ten of the game world in terms of victory points. The main kingdom was then able to “steal” victory points from them (of course, in collusion with them and without any actual resistance). This obviously goes against the intention of the feature to facilitate constant competitive tension on a game world until the last moments of a round.
We will therefore remove the “top ten” rule from the stealing of victory points. So kingdoms will now only be able to steal victory points from higher ranked kingdoms (in terms of victory points): usually 10 points per stolen treasure, and 25 from the kingdom currently in the lead. Also, it will only be possible to steal victory points until both kingdoms are equal in points, but not more. Meta kingdoms would then only be able to shift victory points away from their main kingdom or between their supporting “wings”, which would not directly affect who wins a game world.


Another problem we observed was that kingdoms were dodging the stealing of victory points altogether. This was the result of several measures we took before in order to increase the stability of a kingdom. For example, it was easily possible for the king to abdicate at any point in time once they became aware of an incoming attack. Currently, the largest duke takes over the king’s role automatically. The original king therefore became a duke and could then abdicate again to become a normal governor, thereby protecting victory points from being stolen. After the attack happened, all the roles could then just be restored to how they were originally. In the end, the kingdom as well as its rank were left unaffected.
To prevent this practice, dukes will no longer be able to abdicate as long as they have an active treasury. They will first have to wait for the deactivation countdown to run out. Kings will still be able to dismiss dukes instantly. However, should the dismissed duke still have active treasures at that moment, the kingdom will lose the same amount of victory points multiplied by 10. So simply dodging an attack for your own victory points will not be as easy or, at least, will result in some difficult considerations about whether sacrifices should be taken.


Last but not least, we have also noticed huge numbers of treasures being collected in wonder of the world villages to make it easier for the kingdom to defend all the treasures (and the wonder) at once, even though they have to give up quite a lot of their potential victory point production that they would otherwise have by spreading out the treasures between multiple treasuries. This is not therefore a “hard” exploit.  Considerations and decisions still have to be made. However, we want to make it a little harder to collect treasures all in one place, since having multiple targets worth attacking usually leads to a more exciting gameplay experience. For this reason, it will no longer be possible to build treasuries in wonder of the world villages.
Soon you will be able to test out all these changes on our test server! Let us know how you like them!

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