Night Truce Special Game Worlds

Dear players,
Over the last three months we’ve improved many areas of the game, including a full overhaul of the Victory Point System.
But we believe there’s still much to be done: we are focusing on making the game more social, inclusive, challenging and epic. Based on these ideas, we’ve already started developing some new features: We are talking about the Night Truce special game worlds, which we’ll discuss in detail in this blog article, as well as the upcoming Vacation Mode.

“You will finally be able to sleep calmly”

As we players of Travian Kingdoms know very well, the game can be really intense but also quite demanding at times. You have to take care of your villages, level your hero, plan attacks, help defend your friends… All of this, of course, on game worlds running 24 hours a day. On top of that, it has historically been an especially beloved strategy to attack other players at night; if most of the defenders are sleeping, they will obviously not be able to coordinate and react properly.
That’s why soon there will be a new kind of game world that will severely reduce the amount of time you have to invest every single day in the game and finally allow you to get a good night of sleep without worrying about over-night raids! We’re talking about our Night Truce special game worlds!  On this kind of game worlds, there will be no attacks against players led by other players during nighttime. More specifically, when the night arrives, it will not be possible to start or land any attacks, raids or sieges against other players. Reinforcement and spying will still be possible during these pre-defined hours.

What are these hours? Are there any exceptions?

By default, the hours will be from midnight to 8 in the morning, but based on your feedback, we might change these hours for specific game worlds.
This new feature will finally allow you to sleep calmly, while you’re also not losing out on valuable farming resources during the night. You can simply use up your resources, fill your building queue and go to bed. The game will be waiting for you in the morning!
One exception to this rule is when it comes to World Wonders. Their owners can still be attacked by other players, putting a higher pressure and responsibility on the shoulders of those that trust themselves to conquer one of these ancient monuments. Be also aware that Robbers and Natars can be attacked during the night, as well as they can also attack players. 

Which game worlds will get this mode?

Due to timings playing a critical role on this new kind of special game world, they can only be offered in language versions attached to single time zones. The international (COM) game worlds as well as our Spanish and Portuguese-speaking friends will not receive Night Truce game worlds. Furthermore, all current game worlds will remain as they are and there will still be ‘normal’ worlds along with this new type, just as the speed game worlds we are used to.
In the future we plan to add more features to make it easier for everyone to fit the game into your day-to-day real-life schedule. For example, there will be a Vacation Mode allowing you to step away from the game for a couple of days or weeks without falling behind permanently. On the other hand we are of course aware of potential pitfalls and will restrict this mode properly, so that it will not be exploitable. Stay tuned for more information within the upcoming weeks!

Quick Summary:

    • Truce at night between midnight and 8:00 AM
    • No attacks, raids or sieges against players during these hours. The attack cannot arrive or be sent between these hours.
    • These rules also apply to farmlists and inactive targets.
    • World Wonders are an exception.
    • NPCs like Natars or Robbers can be attacked and they might attack you.
    • Reinforcements and espionage are still possible at night.

So, what do you think about our first special game world? Will you join? Give us your feedback and discuss about it in our forum.


Night Truce Game Worlds “War never changes. But sometimes the rules of engagement have to go with the times. The tribes have come together to agree on a new way of waging war. No more raids after dark. From now on we fight in the warm glow of the sun. When the moon ascends we put away our weapons and prepare for the upcoming battle. But once the first rays of light appear, it is full-on war again. So get a good night of sleep and gather your troops. Your peace of mind will only last for a short while. This brittle truce cannot last forever.“

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