Kingdom Unions: Unlocking Duke and Treasury Slots

Our upcoming game worlds starting today (29-08-2017) will be updated with our big new feature in a few weeks: Kingdom Unions! These will allow two kingdoms to merge during the midgame. The resulting kingdom will be led by two kings sharing the burden of leadership and have twice as many duke slots available. More details on this feature will follow, but you can learn the basics here.
To prepare for this change, the mentioned game worlds will already start with some changes in terms of balancing. More specifically, we will make some changes to how you can acquire duke and treasury slots, which will of course both be strongly affected by the ability to merge kingdoms.

Changes to Duke Slots

In the new version of the game, kingdoms will start with 2 duke slots by default and also stay at that, until they decide to unite with another kingdom later on. This does not only save you the trouble of having to remember how to unlock more duke slots, it also means there is slightly more maneuvering room for every kingdom at the start of a game world. This will result in more possibilities for potentially interesting territorial conflicts during the early game.
After uniting with another kingdom, there will of course be 4 duke slots, so no member of either kingdom will get lost in the process. This means there are suddenly quite a few more options regarding territorial spread for your kingdom. Of course, this also depends on the total number of treasury slots unlocked so far, which is another factor that will change with the update.

Changes to Treasury Slots

Previously you could unlock an additional treasury slot every 4000 total treasures your kingdom collected. Now you will have to collect 10000 treasures for one more slot. While we like the idea of giving kingdoms a bit more leeway in the early game, we don’t want kingdom sizes to get out of hand as much later in the game, so territorial progress will slow down quite a bit. However, you will in turn be able to make use of the push from uniting with another kingdom.
On top of that, treasury slots no longer just enable a duke or king to build one treasury in one village. Instead, in whichever village the slot is made use of, multiple treasuries can be built. Similar to how crannies and warehouses already work, you will be able to build additional treasuries once the first one reached level 20. This will increase territorial flexibility even further, and also ensure that you can store all the treasures you collect from robber hideouts and camps or raided from your enemies.
In summary, territories will be more contested in the early stages of a game world in the future. However, overall territorial progress will be a bit slower due to new treasuries unlocking less often. To compensate, Kingdom Unions will bring in a big new decision during the mid-game. Keep an eye out for more info regarding that feature very soon!
And as always, please let us know your thoughts in the forum!
Your Travian Kingdoms team

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