Ask the Team Anything – Some of your questions!

Dear Players,
as you might know, we recently did a forum discussion so you could ask us, the Travian Kingdoms team, anything you had in mind. We were happy to see so many participants and questions! In the end we received almost 300 questions from all over the world and about as many different topics.
We’ll answer each and every one of you in the forum, but as an appetizer, here you have the first of a few blog posts with your questions: 

  1. “Why is the App chat not out yet? More improvements to the app!” – Asks everyone everywhere.

  • We’re working on improving the app of the game. Until now, we had a small team dedicated to the app constantly having to keep up with the changes of the browser version. This meant the mobile team was always one step behind of the browser version and never really had the time to sit down and tackle the chat properly. We’re happy to announce that we have great news for you: There’s already an internal prototype of the chat for our app and it should be completely ready to be added to a release in the near future. Once we have the chat, we will focus on adding improvements, enhanced usability and new features to the app on a more regular basis.
  1. “Why does the trapper exist only for the Gauls? Why is the horse drinking trough only for the Romans?” – Asks Cinderella, in the German forum.

  • Each tribe has their own buildings, that give them a special gameplay advantage and feel. Each tribe has different special characteristics and that’s what make them unique. We made sure to balance the tribes’ characteristics and their special buildings so each has a fair chance against the others. What would be the point of having three tribes that are exactly the same?
  1. “It happens very often, that one kingdom dominates a whole game world. How are you going to change the current situation with such huge kingdoms and allies?” Asks Russian player Злой Скунс.

  • Our latest feature, Kingdom Unions, will hopefully help with this. We have reduced the number of dukes and made it slower to get bigger due to treasury slots unlocking less frequently. This will restrict territorial growth of kingdoms, making huge kingdoms a rare sight, rather than the norm. It will be difficult to afford a lot of treasuries and a big army at the same time, so we should see more small kingdoms survive the early game long enough to merge with other kingdoms. Also, the slower territorial expansion, even after unity, as well as the shorter distances between kingdoms will bring new conflict and tension to the early mid-game.
  1. “Does the name Travian have something to do with ‘Traveling’? If not, where does the name Travian come from?” Asks Rita in the international forum.

  • Good guess, but it has a different origin. It’s a variation of “Trajan”, the name of a Roman Emperor. Since it couldn’t be exactly the same, it had to be changed slightly to something new. Thus, the name Travian came to be! It kept the “Roman” sounding style while being completely original and easy to remember. Not bad, huh?
  1. Were elephants created by the developers just to mock the players and make them waste their time searching all over the map? Asks AkiraLeir in the international forum.

  • You got us! We also make them disappear a few seconds before your hero appears laden with cages and replace them with bats! On a more serious note: They’re rare because they’re very powerful and useful. It’s not that we hate them and want to see elephants go extinct, it’s just a matter of balancing. Whether they appear or not partially depends on a random factor, but generally their number is relatively small, as you can imagine.
  1. Are there new tribes planned? Ask many of you everywhere.

  • Right now, there are no plans for new tribes. However, we’re working on other features that will further improve the game and the experience of playing Travian Kingdoms. At the moment we’re focusing on adding new types of special game worlds, a new mid-game feature (Kingdom Unions), a global friend list, an improved map and many other new features we cannot talk about yet. Maybe one day there will be new tribes, but for now, if you’re looking forward to playing with new tribes, we recommend that you join the latest round in Travian: Legends. We’ve heard that Huns and Egyptians are more than ready to bring fire and sand to the latest Travian: Legends game world.

That was all for today. In the next weeks, we’ll continue answering your questions, and not only in written form! Travian’s founder Gerhard Müller has answered some of your questions personally in a video that we’ll happily share with you soon. Thanks for all the questions and until next time!
Thanks for all the questions and until next time!
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