Ask the Team Anything – Some of your questions (Part 2)

Dear Players,
as promised, we’re back with more answers to the questions you asked us! If you missed the first blog entry, you can find it here. Ready for a second round? Let’s start!

  • 7. We have night truce and vacation mode rounds. Do you plan new special game worlds? Asks KozakRejestrowy in the Polish forum.

Yes, we have a few more ideas! We’re currently thinking about 6-weeks long game worlds, for those players that don’t have enough time to play a complete normal round but want more relaxed gameplay than that of a speed game world. We’ll provide more information about it as soon as we have it! Regarding the vacation mode, please note that it is implemented in all game worlds, since it’s a default feature and not part of a special game world, same as our latest feature: kingdom unions.

  • 8. How do you keep track of the wishes and complaints of players? How do you keep us from getting bored with the game? Asks Lacrima in the Turkish forum.

We’re always keeping track of every wish and complaint in the forum. For example, when you write a wish in the Turkish forum, this gets translated to English and is taken to the game designers in a meeting once a week. During this meeting, game designers and community managers go one by one through every request and wish, discussing if the wish is feasible and if it would affect the rest of the players positively. When the result of the discussion is positive, it gets added to the queue of concepts, so it can be prioritized and further developed later on. We also often ask for your feedback on new features in the forum. We’re proud to say that every voice is heard, taken into consideration and indispensable for the growth of Travian Kingdoms.

  • 9. I just want to know the name of the designer who designed and animated the village river to give him my compliments! I like a lot the flowing water and the yellow fish that jumps into the river, sometimes I look at them to relax even! Thanks! Asks Zef in the Italian forum.

That’s the art of our Travian Kingdoms artist! His name is Ingo. He thanks you for your words and wants you to know that *maybe* he has a few other surprises for the game soon. Keep an eye out!

  • 10. What made you lean towards making this game browser-based instead of a download required game? Asks Sergeant Shade in the international forum.

Choosing the browser as our platform assured us that the game is accessible to most players out there, since literally everyone has a browser capable of running our game. Also, since it’s all in the cloud, you can change your computer, log in from a friends’ house or in your tablet and still have access to your account without the need of any extra steps. With the increasing capabilities of today’s browsers, we are more than happy with our selected platform.

  • 11. Travian Kingdoms Team, do you play Travian Kingdoms in your free time? What about in the office? Asks Seyez in the international forum.

Yes, we play during work and also during our free time! We’re lucky to have that advantage over other more conventional jobs, since our leaders encourage us to play a moderate but fair amount of time. Discussing what’s going in our kingdoms is also a very common topic in the office. Playing the game simply makes a lot of sense for us, not only because it’s fun, but also since it’s very important to understand both the game as well as our players.

  • 12. Do the game designers work in an office together or do they work from home? Asks Lady_Manu in the German forum.

They sit together with the rest of the Travian Kingdoms team. We’re all together and in constant communication. Developers, quality assurance, community managers, our mobile team, game director, project manager, our artist, UX and UI are all in the same (very big) room!
And as a follow-up question…

  • 13. What is it like to work for Travian Kingdoms? Can you show us what the office looks like? Asks BACHMAN in the Spanish forum.

It’s actually a lot of fun! In the office we have a lot of international colleagues (6 nationalities!) and that’s not counting the other departments we closely work with and all of our community managers that work from home. This diversity makes us a very interesting and open team and we all feel lucky to work in the field of videogames doing something that we love: making our players happy!
As for the office… Almost half of the team was in a meeting, but I managed to take a few pictures of the Travian Kingdoms office:

Travian Games Entrance
Designers side


Designers and Developers
Developers and QA

So, what do you think about our office? Would you like to join us? Remember that you can check the job offers of Travian Games here.
You can let us know your thoughts and feedback about our answers in the forum. Next time, we will have the last round of questions and the founder of the game answering them personally in a video! Until then, have fun playing Travian Kingdoms!

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