Ask the Team Anything – Some of your Questions (Part 3)

Dear Players,

In this last entry of this series of posts, we answer a few more of your questions and also present the video interview we carried out with your questions. Let’s begin!

  • 14. Why can’t we choose the exact map position where we want to relocate? Will this be implemented? Asks roro in the Arabic forum.

That would be too overpowered in the current balance of the game. Relocation is not meant to be used to change your location to a better location because you like it more, but to get a better gameplay experience in case your surroundings are not the most ideal to play in. Relocation will trigger, for example, if your king doesn’t play enough and becomes weak, or if your governors are not logging in, etc.

  • 15. Why doesn’t the in-game chat have improvements such as emojis? Asks Nar in the Arabic forum.

Nice that you ask us that question! We’re already working on adding emojis to the game and they will be ready in the near future. We want to add custom emojis that can be used for communication too. All our emojis will also be usable from the app chat too. We can’t wait to bring all of these new small –but important– communication improvements to our game!

  • 16. I wanted to ask you if you are planning to increase the personalization of the hero, since it is our “self-identification figure” in the game. The more personalization there is, the more we can identify with our avatar. States Greed in the Italian forum.

We’re undecided about this. In one of the recent surveys where players shared their opinion, personalization of the hero was not ranked as important as we thought it would be, but at the same time, some of you are very interested in this. We’d love to enhance the personalization options of the hero if there is enough interest. Let us know in the forum what you think!

  • 17. Do you test and play the game worlds with big changes or the special game worlds yourself under real conditions (all 140 days) to see the effects of the changes? Asks Bonnie in the German forum.

Yes and no! We test everything in normal “internal” game worlds, but these game worlds are modified with several “cheats”. These cheats allow you to, for example, speed up certain stages of the round, generate thousands of units instantly with one click and so on. These cheats are necessary to speed up the process of testing all the new features. Otherwise, it’d be impossible to release new versions regularly. Furthermore, we have the public test server, which acts as a second firewall before the features get released in a normal game world.

And finally, here is the interview with your questions answered by our game director and founder of Travian Gerhard Müller. Remember to activate the English subtitles if necessary.

We hope you liked this series of blog posts answering your questions and wish you a great time playing Travian Kingdoms! If you would like to discuss this entry further, you can let us know your thoughts in the forum.

Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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