A fateful union – part 3

Hugo walked up and down the royal hall at rapid pace. He turned on the spot, went straight towards the throne and sat down. His fingers immediately began drumming on the armrest. One minute later, Hugo got up again and started the routine anew. Until finally, he could hear the steps of his trusted messenger approaching the royal hall. A quick knock on the door, followed by Hugo’s permission to enter, and the messenger found himself facing a very expectant king.
“I have news, your majesty!” exclaimed the young man. He was doing his best to stand upright and ignore the tiredness that was clearly wearing him down after the journey. He also looked thinner than the last time the king had seen him. Hugo made a mental note to give the man some well-deserved rest. But there was one more task for him to do. Hopefully.
“The coronation in Audacia? Who’s the new king?” Hugo shouted, startling the exhausted lad. “Oh yes, the coronation.” The messenger looked uncomfortable. “Ferdinand is the new king of Audacia.” 
Hugo smiled. “Great news!” he exclaimed. “Write down this letter for me and deliver it as soon as possible:” The messenger quickly pulled out pen and paper, and began recording the king’s words:

Dear Ferdinand,
My sincerest congratulations to your coronation! I always knew this role was meant for you. I hope you haven’t forgotten my proposal. I still mean it. Let us speak as soon as the new king finds time for an old acquaintance.

Once the letter was finished, the messenger handed it to Hugo to mark it with the seal of the king. The young man took a deep breath. “Your majesty. There is one more issue.”
“What is it?” asked Hugo.
“Our kingdom is under attack.”
…To be continued

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