Beginners’ Guide Chapter 3 – Boost the infrastructure

Seven days under a protective shield – the eighth day will see you surviving or annihilated. Prepare your village and get a head-start on your opponents.
This post is part of a series of guides meant to help beginners discover the deep world of Kingdoms and massively multiplayer strategy. For this series, we assume that you’ve solved the tutorial and have chosen the governor role.
In the previous chapter, you have learned about our prime directives. Let’s apply them.

When beginning on a game world, you’re in quite a unique situation – you’re under beginner’s protection for 7 days. Meaning you can’t be attacked by human enemies for one week after you’ve started playing on a game world, nor attack them.
(Unless you reach 200 population earlier – then the beginner’s protection will end earlier, but thankfully that’s under your control: You will only gain population when you build buildings.)
That means you’ll have the luxury of preparation for what’s to come. Your goal is to, at the end of the beginner’s protection, be prepared for war, be able to pick your battles and have wasted nothing.
The level of activity that is required to succeed is high – but that applies to the entire rest of the game as well. You’ll have to log in frequently, fight robbers, sell stolen goods and return as soon as you could sell them to order the next batch of building upgrades. And later in the game, you’ll have to watch your villages and be ready for warfare anytime.
Unsurprisingly, spending some money on gold (the developers need to eat, too!) will relax the amount of activity needed a little, since a longer building queue, accelerated construction and instant delivery of stolen goods of course lets you do more at once instead of having to spread the activity over the day.

Build the resource infrastructure

To support growth, you need income. To get income, you need to devote the first days of your beginner’s protection to leveling up your village’s resource fields. Following the questline handed out by Wren is the way to go here – you will absolutely want to grab as many resources from quest rewards as possible, as quickly as possible, to accelerate your growth.

Wren’s quests will help you building up quickly

The quicker you level up your resource fields, the earlier you will recoup their construction price. It’s important to notice that you should not upgrade your resource fields above level 10 in your first village, even though that’s possible. Your first village at the start of the game is automatically your capital, which is the reason why the resource fields can be leveled up past level 10. However, if you wanted to move your capital city later (and many player do indeed want that!), any resource field level higher than 10 would be lost. And a level 11 resource field usually takes a little more than 20 days to pay for itself, regardless of type, so the investment may very likely not have paid off before you change your capital.

Accelerate construction

Waiting for a few minutes for each building to complete can become rather tiring, especially if you’re routinely up-leveling the 18 resource fields and warehouse/granary.
The trick is that you can instantly complete any construction with less than 5 minutes left on the timer for free (and of course earlier by spending some money on gold.). Which saves quite a lot of time in the early days.

You can instantly finish any building with less than 5 minutes left on the timer!


Solve your quests

Aside from Wren’s Questline, the Chieftain will offer you quests revolving around many different aspects of the game and especially the hero, most  of which are worth doing and net some good rewards – until it comes to settling a second village, which we’ll discuss later.
Third, the Scout will offer you quests revolving around building up your military. While you should build some troops to combat the robbers, you should delay following most of these quests until your infrastructure is well on its way and the beginner’s protection is near its end. You don’t need a military machine earlier, since you won’t be fighting humans earlier anyways.
And remember, we don’t want to waste resources on buildings until we really need them.
What kinds of military you will actually need in the early days will be discussed – in the next chapter.
Watch this space on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 – you’ll find here Chapter 4: Grab what you can
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