Beginners’ Guide Chapter 6 – Making friends

You’ll want to join a strong kingdom as early as possible, and find your role within it.
This post is part of a series of guides intended to help beginners discover the immense world of Kingdoms and massively multiplayer strategy. For this series, we assume you’ve completed the tutorial and have chosen the role of governor.
In the previous chapter, you’ve learned to set up defenses of your village. But the best defense against aggressors is having more friends to call for help!

Kingdoms is a game about… well, kingdoms. That is, teams. The more players, the merrier!
As a loner, even with the help of this impeccable guide, you just won’t stand a fighting chance, no matter how smart you play. Your military may become bigger than that of any other individual player, but it won’t be bigger than the armies of 30 cooperating enemies.
So while one aspect of the game certainly is the military arms race, an ever increasing progression towards more villages, larger armies, more troops, more resources, more victory points, more everything, all in preparation for the final battle – the other and perhaps even more important aspect of the game is social.
The strong may beat the weak, but the many will beat everything!
So one of the first thing you should do is finding yourselves a kingdom to play together with.

Study the map

A kingdom can only invite you to join if you’re located within that kingdom’s area. You may be lucky and already be within the borders of a strong kingdom when you spawn. But you may not be.
If you’re within a kingdom’s borders, take a look at that kingdom – does it have a powerful king? Does the king have a lot of prestige? Does the kingdom have a good number of members? Does it have a nice description, probably even inviting players to join?
Then you’re very lucky – contact the king by chat. If the kingdom’s description didn’t already clarify things, you should ask them a little about their ambitions within the game world, if the king seeks to grab a World Wonder or just seeks to have a little fun without being competitive, or if the kingdoms requires its players to show a certain level of activity and/or requires the use of external communication tools, and where the kingdom aims to settle. Matching expectations before joining up is important to avoid grief later on, especially since your choice will have a serious impact on your own expansion, and changing kingdom later in the game ain’t that easy.
While you can only join a kingdom when you have a village within its borders, you will have a second village soon – you can still settle within a preferable kingdom with little sacrifice, while you’ll be pretty much stuck if you had 15 villages within a kingdom you’d no longer want to play together with.
So if you’re not within the kingdom of your dreams, you should set to work on studying the map and the kingdom rankings and contacting kingdoms that are to your liking. If you’re feeling good vibes with a king, they’ll offer you a nice place within their kingdom to settle your second village, with a promise to invite you as soon as that worked out.

Communicate & find your role

A prospering kingdom usually has players specializing in offense or defense. Players that can’t spend that much time in the game should play defenders, especially in their first world.
Usually, a good kingdom will have a few players building a large offensive army, and other players supporting them by providing defense. Once again, a great kingdom will give you a role to play, respecting your personal preferences and keeping tabs on each player’s capabilities.
While for an individual player, offense is always the best defense (a destroyed enemy can’t rebuild, and you’ll never be a threat to your enemies if you can’t bring the battles to their home turf), when players pair up to share responsibilities, many more strategies become possible.
In Kingdoms, a player can contribute to the power of a kingdom by as little as moving standing defenses to where they’re needed. However, you should always actively take part in kingdom communication. Even just being there and asking questions helps to show your kingdom mates that you are an active player and available for cooperation. Kingdoms is a very deep game and chatting with allies is one of the primary means in Kingdoms to learn the deeper secrets of the game (be aware that this guide touches none of them – you’ll have more than enough topics to explore. ^^). Don’t be afraid to ask.

You don’t need to be afraid to ask about another chapter either! The next one will be…
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