Vice Kings get their own achievements

A while ago, we introduced 5 new achievements for dukes. Now, only the vice kings have been missing their own achievement badges to add to their player profiles. They have been part of the game since we introduced kingdom unions. Vice kings act as “Hand of the King”; they earn a share of the taxes, protect the kingdoms’ treasures and helps to build an empire and rule the common territory.
With these many responsibilities, vice kings have grown into their role and gathered valuable knowledge and experience along the way. To honor their contribution, we are introducing two new achievements available exclusively for vice kings. We are also now including vice kings in three existing king achievements.
Vice king achievements

To fulfill the first level, you’ll have to reach the following goals:

1. Shared Tax:

  • As a vice king, collect 10,000 resources.
  • Category: Resources

2. Hand of the King

  • As a vice king, reign for 25 days.
  • Category: Power

3. My Precious

  • As a vice king, have 100 treasures in your kingdom.
  • Shared achievement with kings
  • Category: Power

4. I Built an Empire

  • As a vice king, have 10 villages in your kingdom.
  • Shared achievement with kings
  • Category: Power

5. I Rule These Lands

  • As a vice king, have 50 tiles belong to your kingdom.
  • Shared achievement with kings
  • Category: Power

If you have already gathered prestige points for the last three achievements while playing as a king and you are now playing as a vice king after entering into a kingdom union, your points will be added up.
As a vice king, you’ll have the chance to be one of the first to claim one of the new achievements.

Are you looking forward to these new achievements? Are you now thinking about testing out this new gameplay role or have you already played as a vice king? Let us know in the forum:

Your Travian Kingdom Team

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