News: No blog comments anymore

Attention please Travian Kingoms Roman
Dear players,
We decided to remove the comment function and the subscribe function. That also includes deleting our existing subscribers.


We don’t have the capacity to monitor and moderate the blog properly.

What’s the alternative?

We are linking to our forum in every blog entry footer. There, you can actively discuss topics with our moderators and community managers and receive answers to your questions.

What happens with the subscriber data?

Since we do not need your email address anymore, we will delete them together with all login data. This will happen on Wednesday, July 25th at around 5 pm CEST. Email addresses were only used to allow our subscribers to write comments. We will announce new blog posts in the forum and the lobby news so that you can stay up to date.

Any questions?

Feel free to ask them in the forum.
Kind regards,
Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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