The ancient mysterious Natarian riddle

Dear players,
since the local tribe contests did not work out as we hoped, and we didn’t make it, it’s time for the second try. This time, we ask you to solve the ancient mysterious Natarian riddle. You will need symbolic logic and transfer thinking to decipher the Natarian symbols to our known Arabic numerals. And then, you will be able to answer the following question:

Which figures between 0 and 9 are not part of the following equation?

When you know the answer to this question, we will unlock the special hero styles and we will shower 10 heros with the correct answer in Gold. If you are fast, you’ll have a chance to get a special achievement

The ancient mysterious Natarian riddle

The Natars are a very mysterious tribe and they are not a big fan of sharing their culture. That is why they are not using the same numbers as the other tribes do. They are using symbols that you might look familiar to you. We are using them for the achievement badges. Nevertheless, some of them will look unfamiliar to you, yet.
Playing Travian Kingdoms means calculating a lot: the travel time to robber camps, the managing of resources and crop and of course the strategic attacks within a Kingdom. Hence, we are trusting in your mathematical skills and believe in you to solve this riddle.

  1. Solve the equation and replace each symbol with a number between 0-9
  2. Check which figures are not used for solving it
  3. Post your solution in the forum thread

Travian Kingdoms achievements riddle #1


  • Every achievement badge stands for a figure between 0 – 9
  • Every badge has its unique number
  • The 3 badges next to each other are standing for 1 number, e.g. like the number 250

The Rewards

We will give out common prizes for all players as well as individual prizes for the players who solved this mysterious riddle.

  1. You will unlock the tribe specific hero styles for everyone on all Travian Kingdom worlds:
    • 6 different hairstyles, 3 female and 3 male ones
    • 2 new set of eyes with a scar, 1 female and 1 male
    • 1 new hair color
    • 1 new braided beard
  2. 10 randomly drawn winners from all participants with the correct answer:
    • 5x 300 Gold
    • 5x 100 Gold


Only one answer and avatar per participant is allowed. That also includes that you are only allowed to play in one domain.

  1. Solve the equation and replace each symbol with a number between 0-9
  2. Check which figures are not used for solving it
  3. Go to the thread in your forum section. You will find the correct link in the lobby:
  4. Post there your answer, your avatar name and the the name of the game round you want the Gold to go to

This contest runs until Monday, October 8th, midnight CEST. We will then announce the winners here in the comment of this post within 3 days after the contest ends. Be aware: We disabled the comment section here. Post ONLY in the forum.
We are giving out hints step by step. Check out the forum threads and this blog posts to see them.
Good luck!
Your Travian Kingdoms Team
UPDATE: We will link all forum threads and the winner postings there in another blog post.
We made it! The new hero styles will be available from Thursday noon on, October 11th.

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