Big Birthday Bash Hall of Fame

Dear players,

UPDATE: The last Birthday Bash came to an end: Congratulations to all players who have joined us on COM1n. This round was not just the international Birthday round, but also the first international night truce game world. Read below which kingdom has won.

We had a blast! A big THANK YOU to everyone who joined us on one of the local speed rounds. You found the hidden villages in each round and successfully defeated the dragon army. You rightfully earned the special birthday bash achievements for it. On top of that, you also unlocked three new achievements for everyone. Only one birthday round is still running: the very first international night truce round COM1n. Even there, you’ve already defeated the Dragonbender and his dragon village.

We want to pay tribute to all the speed rounds that have already come to an end. We’ve therefore gathered here all the forum links to their Halls of Fame. Congratulations to all members of the winning kingdoms.

Hall of Fame links:

  • COM1n: winning kingdom:
  • Arabiax3: winning kingdom: RfR
  • CZx3: winning kingdom: VÍTĚZ
  • DEx3: winning kingdom: Raufbold
  • ESx3: winning kingdom: 3ƟƟHDP’s
  • FRx3: winning kingdom: Infinity
  • ITx3: winning kingdom: GnorLand
  • Ru2x3: winning kingdom: Балерион
  • TRx3: winning kingdom: EMPIRE

Feel free to follow these forum links to the complete Hall of Fame and see more game round information and the top-three lists of the kingdoms, Wonders of the World, and best player ranks. We hope everybody playing on the local speed rounds had a great time and created lasting memories. No matter if you made it onto one of the lists or not.

Are you cooling off on a night truce round at the moment? Tell us in the forum.

Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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