The Mysterious Mist

The plot thickens and so does the Mysterious Mist… Or does it?

On the Halloween Hunt worlds, the Mysterious Mist around the Wonders of the World will influence the villages within that area.

Villages in it are more concealed: Attacking catapults are less effective and scouting attacks less efficient. On the other hand, the troops trained in these foggy villages are toughened up. All outgoing attack types are stronger than usual.

Great celebrations help even more with keeping the inhabitants loyal during inbound and outbound conquests.

Use the combat simulator before every attack on one of these misty villages and make sure to tick off the mist box.

These special rules will only apply to trick & treat, the Halloween hunt game rounds starting on Oct 6th, 2:00 pm CEST (UTC +2).

Check out this trick and treat blog post for more information about the game world characteristics

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