3 New achievements

Halloween Hunt 2020 will include three new achievements. Which one is your favorite?


  • Task: Provide X defensive strength on a defense
  • Category: Power
  • Levels: 250k, 1M, 2.5M, 5M, 10M

The sum of your own army counts, no matter from which of your villages your troops come from. Other players’ army does not count. We count all troops with defense strengths, off troops and def troops, but not caught animals.


  • Task: Perform an attack with at least X attack power
  • Category: Power
  • Levels: 250k, 1M, 2.5M, 10M

If you hit a target at the exact same time with two or more attacks, we will count them separately. We do count all troops of a player with offensive strength. Even if some troops are more powerful as a defender and only have a minimal attack power, they will be counted in as long as they are part of the attack. Remember that scouts have 0 attack power and hence don’t contribute in accomplishing this achievement.

I shall pass!

  • Task: Destroy X wall levels
  • Category: Battle
  • Levels: 20, 100, 500, 2.5k, 5k

You can collect this achievement over more than just one game round. However, only destroyed wall levels on trick & treat, the Halloween Hunt game rounds starting on Oct 6, will count into completing this achievement.

And that’s a wrap. Thank you all for reading and hopefully laughing. How did you like this Kingdoms Comic series? Comment in our forum https://forum.kingdoms.com/

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