Is a zombie afraid of the dark?

In 2019, all heroes on the Halloween Hunt round dressed up as zombies. This year, zombies want to play dress up, too.

You can unlock Halloween Masks on both rounds: Trick or Treat! We even took it one step further: These hero masks will be shown in the lobby, the forum and all other game rounds you are playing or will play in the future.

Zombies will only be visible on the Halloween Hunt worlds. And they want to dress up the right way for trick or treating.

The new Halloween Masks will be part of your personal hero appearance menu. Unlocking all of them in this year’s Halloween Hunt will be tough, though. Only once you’ve unlocked them, you can see and wear them.

Kingdoms HaHu 2020 total eclipse

And one last thing: The sun on the Halloween Hunt worlds is completely obscured. The zombies will roam in total eclipse. Are you afraid of the dark?

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