Are you ready for the Halloween Hunt?

Tomorrow at 12:00 pm UTC, 2:00 pm CEST, both Halloween Hunt worlds will start. Therefore, what can you expect in a nutshell?

Kingdoms HaHu 2020 Sum up
  • Epic Community Challenges: Players from both Halloween Hunt worlds will collaborate to get individual rewards
  • Halloween Masks: Dress up and wear new unique cosmetic features. However, you only get them through community challenges and as part of the Halloween package.
  • Halloween package: Get started Trick-or-Treating the right way and save big on our one time deal in the Gold shop
  • New achievement: Hunt for 3 new and exclusive achievements

In addition, both worlds will include the mysterious mist, werebats and werespiders, zombie heroes and ghostly robbers.

Find a team and start sharpening your swords! To do so, check out the game world embassies in the forum:

Last but not least, here are the links to all Halloween Hunt blog posts:

And that’s a wrap. Thank you all for reading and hopefully laughing. How did you like this Kingdoms Comic series? Comment in our forum

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