BBash Fireworks – All you need to know

Fireworks are an exclusive feature found only in the Birthday Bash worlds. The blooming skies reward you with various in-game goodies while you compete to arrange the greatest spectacle of the night.

Preparation happens during the day by visiting a Birthday Bash Info window. From there, you will find Community Challenges, an explanation of features, a tab to prepare the fireworks, and Leaderboards with new(!) Divisions.

Fireworks, leaderboards, and rewards

  • Gather points to compete with other players over achievements, cosmetics, and rewards
  • Give your villagers a grand show, and they will deliver in-game goodies to your inventory the next morning
  • Upgrade fireworks with Black Powder to increase your points and rewards
  • Enjoy the animations before heading for a good night’s rest

How do I gather Fireworks?

Different in-game actions will reward you with a randomized number of fireworks.

Where to getMin. amountMax. amount
Complete a daily quest55
Log in to the game every day1520
Send your hero on a short adventure1015
Send your hero on a long adventure2030
Organize a small Celebration5060
Organize a Large Celebration100120
By visiting the shop, you can discover limited BBash deals that come with additional fireworks.

What is Black Powder?

Black Powder is used to upgrade fireworks into Super fireworks, and this item is consumed at use. You can sometimes find Black Powder as residue from igniting regular fireworks, but there are more ways to earn this potent powder waiting to be discovered.

Top-10 Leaderboard and Divisions

In addition to the returning Top-10 Leaderboard, the BBash 2024 edition arrives with additional Divisions that unlock after the first week. Depending on your current game progress, you will be sent to compete against players with similar progress. The original Top-10 Leaderboard and the Divisions have their own reward pools, giving everyone a fighting chance over the top positions!

How do I earn Leaderboard points?

The Leaderboards reset every week. Here is an overview of actions that grant you points:

  • Find regular fireworks to earn 1 point for each
  • Use regular fireworks to earn 10 points for each
  • Use super fireworks to earn 100 points for each

What if scores are tied?

  • If two or more players tie for 1st place, they all receive the most sought-after rewards
  • Top-10 continues with 3rd place or further down the list
  • The same applies to other tied positions, but the achievement is granted only to 1st position

Rewards waiting for pyromancers

  • Cosmetics
  • Achievements
  • Medals
  • Secret adventures
  • Resources or Crop
  • Gold or Silver
  • Free roll in the card game
  • NPC trader
  • Finish now
  • And more…

And even more rewards await after the players launch enough fireworks as part of Community Challenges.
In the next article, we will go over the other specialties of Birthday Bash 2024, including the Community Challenges. See you soon, and don’t miss out on the Discord festivities we’ve prepared for you!

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