Birthday Bash Bundles

Unleash your inner Hero and join us on May 14th for an unforgettable celebration filled with fireworks, cake, partying, and friendly-ish competition. But before the competition for the world’s most gigantic and wondrous cake starts, here’s a helping with the ingredients.

We have prepared three exclusive Birthday Bash bundles, which you can purchase only once. You can discover more bundles and packages after joining the BBash festivities.

Your Birthday Bundles

💪 Hero Action Bundle 🎁 Birthday Package 🧨 Fireworks Deal
35 Gold1 Building slot700 Gold
3 Secret Adventures40 Fireworks5 Super Fireworks
1 Water Bucket4 NPC Trader10 Black powder
5 Books of Wisdom5 Finish now50 Fireworks
2 Rolls at Card Game2 Resource chest 5%
50 Scrolls1 Crop chest 5%
75 Ointments

Items explained

Secret Adventure

This unique item can be used only once daily, granting your hero an extra Adventure point. Will you use it right away to explore more areas or save it until Tier 2 or 3 items spawn? Experienced players are known for keeping just enough extra Adventures to find the greatest party gear out there. Read more about Adventures.

Water Bucket

This device of human ingenuity delivers the most refreshing splash on your face and wakes even the dead. Your hero is ready for immediate action in the village you currently have open, with no resurrection time or side effects to note. Party-goers’ bucket list, check.

Book of Wisdom

This mystical book takes all the knowledge and experience your Hero has gained and allows you to reallocate it. It’s a great item for turning your strongest warrior into the greatest general while keeping extra resources flowing.

Card Game Rolls

What’s a party without card tricks? A free roll to win anything from Gold to Gems and all sorts of other goodies. Read more about prizes.


There’s no need to be a party pooper and burn that midnight oil. Equip your Hero with a pile of scrolls and watch them engage in intellectual debates all day. Each scroll gives 10 experience points.


If your Hero is full of scratches, bumps, and bruises, likely combined with memory loss, these items are here to regenerate health when equipped. One ointment is good for one point of lost health.

Building slot

Do you need an additional Warehouse or a Healing tent, but all spaces are already occupied? This item allows you to expand your village by unlocking a new building site or two.

Fireworks and Super fireworks

For fame and fortune. Prepare a fireworks show and your villagers will deliver gifts to your inventory by the next morning. If your show is great enough, you’ll join the leaderboards for the biggest pyromancers. Read all you need to know about fireworks.

Black Powder

This item allows you to upgrade fireworks into Super fireworks. You can sometimes find Black Powder as residue from igniting regular fireworks or make a quick stop at the closest store to fill your wares.

NPC Trader

Too much iron and too little wood? This item allows you to use the NPC merchant to trade resources at a 1:1 rate for free. The NPC Trader is one of our most popular features and saves you time waiting for the last resources. 

Finish now

This item lets you finish any current construction or research task for free. The longer your construction or research time, the more Gold you will save. The item will not be used if you have less than 5 minutes of construction time left, which is always free to “finish now.”

Resource and Crop chest

You can use both of these chests once a day to deliver 5% of your daily gross production to your current village.

Good luck with the Birthday Bash, and let’s get baking!

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