Birthday Bash Comes Bearing Gifts

Now that we are familiar with fireworks, it’s time to explore the other specialties available in our two Birthday Bash worlds: community challenges, fresh cosmetics, special achievements, and cakes as tall as the mountains!

🤝 Collaborate as a community

Roll up your sleeves and join players from both Birthday Bash worlds to complete the Community Challenges. All players reach for the milestones together to earn bundles of rewards. You can track your progress in the Birthday Bash info window.

Your Community Challenges:

  • Prepare fireworks. Each launched firework and super firework adds points to your shared progress bars. Rewards include Gold, new cosmetic options, resources, and more.
  • Build Catapults in your Workshops. Rewards for this include Black Powder, free rolls in the card game, and more.
  • Upgrade your Villages into Cities. Your rewards include Super Fireworks, NPC merchants, and more.

🏆 Earn Achievements

This year, two familiar Achievements will return updated for BBash 2024, and one new Achievement will join the festivities along with the Division Leaderboards.

  • Birthday Bash” achievement is granted to players who play on either BBash world
  • #1” is granted to players who rank number one in the weekly Top-10 Fireworks Leaderboard
  • Top of the Class” is a completely new achievement granted to players who take the first spot in Division Leaderboards.

🥳 Dress your hero for the party

New and dashing cosmetic options will make your hero the star of any battlefield. Flip your hair with pink ends to initiate a raiding party, or send your troops for personal R&R with party glasses, hats, and laughter the night before a big operation.

🎂 Let them eat cake

On Birthday Bash worlds, the World Wonders are coated in all things sugary and sweet. To lay your foundation, whisk the eggs together with ashes from burnt villages, bake each floor in the sweet sweat of victory, add a layer of strawberry jam raided from your enemies, and sprinkle caramelized tears on top. Who wants a slice?

One more surprise awaits our Birthday Bash players, so see you again soon!

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