Candy Hunt Mobile Release Notes

Dear players,

Update your app to get the full Halloween app experience including the Halloween app icon!

Halloween Hunt

If you want to, you can even update your phone screen with one of the Halloween backgrounds.

On both, Android and iOS, you will see:

  • The Halloween app icon
  • Masks: You will see 6 new Halloween masks.
  • Community Challenges: We reworked the Community Challenges. Make sure to help reach the milestones and grab your bounty, such as an exclusive Halloween mask.
  • Candy: If you draw a duplicate mask in a great deal or in a Community Challenge reward, you’ll get Candy instead. You can use it to grab a specific Halloween mask without rolling!

Check out the 🎃 | Halloween Hunt category to get more details of what you can expect.

Change Appearance

You will not just see the Halloween masks on mobile. With this update, you will also be able to change your hero’s appearance in the mobile app directly! This is another step towards aligning the browser and mobile version of Travian Kingdoms 🗿🧟‍♂️👑.

Forum Link

As mentioned before, we will close the forum at the end of this year. That is why we will replace the lobby link to it with a link to Discord.

Android Bug Fixes

Thank you for reporting bugs! By doing so, you enable us to fix them 💛👑

  • The incoming attack indicator was gone. It’s fixed, and you see both it and the countdown again.
  • Adding a sitter/dual by avatar name or email was broken. This has now been fixed.
  • Marketplace: Selling merchants were invisible. They are visible again so that you can cancel their offer.
  • Smithy: If you queued both Travian Plus improvement orders in the smithy for the same unit, you weren’t able to use instant finish. This has now been fixed.
  • Auctions: Improved view of the amount and item name of the items you can bid on.
  • Several crash fixes, including bugs related to chat, sending troops, and the exchange office.
  • Some performance improvements

Please upgrade to Android 6 or higher to be able to install this update.

Go to Discord to find fellow players.


Happy haunting season!

Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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