Feedback Loop: Community Topics #1

Welcome back to the Feedback Loop series. Today, we are visiting the hottest feedback and most popular suggestions from #feedback-loop channels on Discord. In the first part of Community Topics, we are going over popular ideas and questions from before 2024, with responses from the Game Center.

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How is the development of the mobile app going?

👑 App development now has more hours dedicated to bringing the browser and mobile experience closer together. Our team is currently making the game more “on the go,” so you can play it anytime, anywhere. We will have more news on the app development in the coming months.

Are there any plans for a building that would increase the distance at which you can use an oasis? How about a new Farmer building that lets you convert other resource fields into crop fields? This way, each player could have access to a 15-cropper.

👑 We do not currently have plans for new buildings due to time restrictions and existing priorities. However, keep sharing ideas for new buildings in case they bring light to an existing feature that is missing or fit plans further down the line.

It has been a long time since new tribes or units were introduced to spice up things. Are there any plans for new troops, such as archers?

👑 New tribes or units are not something for the near future. It is more work than it looks at first glance, especially the balancing between all tribes, and we prioritize putting this sort of effort into improving the base game and player experience with the existing features.

An option to copy farmlists would help players rearrange them and move to be part of other farmlists, even sending them to other members of the Kingdom who might not yet know how a farmlist is created. Currently, players are copying the lists one by one.

👑 Yes, it can be cumbersome to copy certain entries from one farm list to another. This suggestion has been added to our “quality of life” list together with a confirmation pop-up when a player clicks on ‘delete.’ We are unable to give any dates at this time.

Do you have plans for in-game tools to help manage Off Plans? For situations like calculating the landing times.

👑 We have added the in-game tools mentioned here to our list of design topics to which we hope to devote more time. Let’s return to the topic of new tools later, perhaps in one of the future Feedback Loops.

What do you think about adding more filters for inbound/outbound troops to help cancel attacks and to help see when troops will get back in town? Filtering could be done by the type of troops, for example.

👑 We’ve had this on our list for a while now, and it fits perfectly with our goals to improve the Rally Point. The topic will not be forgotten, even if we cannot give a timeline for improvements.

With the current vacation mode setup, players can use it to hide during incoming ops while they do not lose a single vacation day. 

👑 We agree that players should lose/spend a vacation day when canceling the mode to dodge attacks. This is not a behavior to encourage. A bigger vacation mode rework is in the pipeline, which includes more restrictions on what players can do during a vacation (let’s make it a more genuine vacation mode) and a cost to ending it early to discourage the abusable edge cases.

Banned players should not generate tributes and claim victory. Kingdoms will suffer the consequences over and over again.

👑 They should not, and we are working on a fix right now: While a player is banned, their tribute generation is stopped, and the tribute fund is emptied to ensure fair competition.

Can you add new skins/graphic packs like the winter theme, or is there a possibility of changing the layout of villages, troops, buildings, etc.?

👑 Skins are not really prioritized for the near future, and neither do we have an estimation for a village layout customization. We’ve talked about having village skins for all the different seasons, though this is a lot of additional work for our artist. That said, players can expect more new cosmetic options for their hero from special worlds and achievements.

Auctions: It should be possible to see the Kingdom name of the highest bidder as well. 

👑 It can get annoying to overbid someone from your own Kingdom. This player community’s wish is part of our upcoming design topics, and the auction system will be tackled in the future. 

Incoming attack list: Improve the Kingdom’s attack list to make it possible to search for specific attacks.

👑 We are aware that the attack list does not share details and that it’s hard to find specific attacks. We have some changes in mind, like adding a sort order, showing second attacks as well, showing attacks on inactive players, or displaying who is attacking.

Can you increase the prestige level for avatars?

👑 YES! We are on it. It will be part of the Fealty System release. We introduce one extra tier (at 20k Prestige) which will be a requirement for the last tier of prestige boosts.

The unlimited number of members in a Kingdom leads to situations where the best recruiters, not necessarily the best players, might run the world. Can you limit the size of Kingdoms?

👑 A popular wish, and yes, we are adding a member cap to kingdoms this year. The community debates range from 30 to 100+, so it’s likely not everyone will be happy. But the aim is to keep the game’s balancing and development of accounts and kingdoms in mind with a cap that players welcome and can take ownership of.

Would be nice if Duals or Sitters could earn achievements as well.

👑 Currently, achievements can only be reached with one account, and giving out the same achievements as the account owner would be unfair and abusable. If the Dual wishes to earn the same achievement, players need to swap roles and earn it a second time. That said, specific new achievements players can earn only as a sitter or dual is an option we are happy to dive into someday in the future.

Is it possible to get a game world with an entrance fee, but shops would be closed? This way, everyone can play under the same conditions.

👑 As a first step to introducing entry restrictions, Kingdoms Dynasty asked for Prestige. At a quick glance, an entrance fee world is an experience where players all start under the same conditions. This doesn’t guarantee the world would be filled with action, as many free-to-play players would not be able to compete. If we someday come up with a solution that guarantees a world filled with action, we’ll definitely consider this.  

Holiday truce: When scheduling attacks, have you considered using the same conditions in regular worlds as in night truce worlds? Meaning, it would not be possible to send attacks during the truce.

👑 The idea behind holiday truces, in addition to landing on bigger public holidays, is that players can still visit other players just to say hello. There are no plans to change this quirky little detail, which is available only during holiday truces.

Would it be possible to remove the cooldown phase for attacks on Oasis after relocation? The game blocks it now like an attack on another player.

👑 We do have some plans to adjust the relocation in the future, and this can be something to look at. Oases might have troops placed from other players in them, which is one of the reasons oases come with a cooldown after relocation. And there’s doubt removing the cooldown would satisfy players, with the risk of increasing the number of abusable behaviors around relocation.

It would help with planning if players knew of the upcoming game worlds starting earlier. It’s not necessary to have the final dates, but just to know what type of worlds will appear in the coming months.

👑 The game worlds are decided based on which ones are ending soon and what type of worlds are currently running. We aim to have different kinds of worlds starting every month, meaning different speeds and night truce worlds. These regular worlds are in a constant rotation. Special worlds are part of the yearly rotation, starting with Kingdoms Dynasty (Feb), followed by BBash (May), Mayhem (summer world), HaHu (fall), and ending with Mayhem (winter world).

Sometimes, your hero gets resources from adventures, but warehouses are overflowing. Can you do the same as with Menhirs and give the resources in stacks in the hero inventory?

👑 Thank you for the suggestion. It’s added to a board of options in case we start working on adventures. Rework on Menhirs now has a higher priority: supporting and encouraging fair play.

If new players start as Kings, they might not know abdication is not possible until the beginner’s protection ends. What if one could become king after X days, or at least add a note for beginners?

👑 Discussions are ongoing around raising the Prestige requirements for players who wish to start as Kings. This would protect new players from starting in an unfavorable position with responsibilities they might not be ready for. The idea of introducing “crowning” after the world has started is also an option.

It would be nice to be able to skip the tutorial.

👑 The tutorial skip is something we are currently working on, and players should see it implemented pretty soon. It is a popular wish, and we are finalizing the details to ensure everyone who needs the tutorial steps will not miss it while more experienced players can jump over some steps.

Thank you for reading and for sharing your feedback and wishes so actively! In the next part, we will discuss more fresh topics from the community from the first quarter of 2024.

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