Feedback Loop: World for Veterans

Welcome to the first Feedback Loop response from the Travian Kingdoms Game Center. Today’s theme is a tournament-type gameworld we discussed all around Discord during December. Here are the key points brought up by the players.

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The world should be announced early enough to gather troops and coordinate kingdoms.

👑 Players need enough time to prepare for probably the toughest competition of the year. The start date has now been scheduled for the 20th of February 2024, giving you a month to gather your friends for Kingdoms Veteran World (working title). Please note that this iteration will not be a “true” tournament but a championship for experienced players with 1.000 or more Prestige gathered ⭐⭐⭐.

Can you remove the vacation mode from this round?

👑 Yes, that is in the plans. On top of removing the vacation mode, we are also removing the option to invite friends to maintain the restriction of 1.000 Prestige. More competition is guaranteed!

Gold purchases should be limited. Maybe a Gold cap or entrance fee?

👑 Based on experience, an entry fee would not work well as it trims players who would otherwise join and have already proved their skills. Limitations are not considered for this round of Kingdoms Vet World, but we are keeping our options open for more restrictions in case the saga continues. These could be entry limits, team size limits, and perhaps even limits on Gold. Let’s return to this topic!

Is it possible to remove duals or sitters?

👑 There is no need to block these options from players, but we will add limitations. Duals and Sitters can only join this gameworld if they fulfill the same entry requirements as all other participants.

A tournament-type world should come with a qualification round.

👑 We decided to do a pre-qualification directly based on Prestige since the first Kingdoms Vet World is not what we’d call a tournament world. All the veterans, or veterans in the making, will get to join, and we will block entry from new accounts. Yet, there will be no separate qualification rounds.

Can you limit the number of members in a Kingdom?

👑 We will run the Kingdoms Vet World as a regular gameworld (with added entry restrictions). Once we start working with the next iteration, the “Tournament” version, we would like to include this in the ruleset.

Can you limit the number of Wonders of the world?

👑 No. Changing the amount or placement of World Wonders can have cascading effects on player spawn and player distribution on the map we want to avoid.

Will there be community goals or time-based goals with rewards, including victory points?

👑 We have no community challenges planned for this world. The challenge here is to find out who the most skilled players are without additional goals or bonuses.

What kind of medals or trophies and rewards will there be?

👑 We have plans for unique and special cosmetics winners can display on future gameworlds, achievements, and a little bit of Gold. You will learn more about the world in the coming days and weeks.

Can you do a x2 speed world?

👑 Yes, x2-speed it is! Originally, making the first-ever x2-speed world was something with potential, yet asked for additional development time and testing with balancing. So we asked if players liked x3 speed over x1 speed, but, well, players favored x2-speed in #feedback-loop discussions, and now we know this will make the world that much more special.

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