Halloween Hunt 2023 on Oct 5

Dear players,

Halloween Hunt (HaHu) is coming up and it’s going to be spook-tacular! Mark Thursday, October 5th on your calendar! On this day at 2.00 pm UTC +2 (CEST), both HaHu worlds will start.


  • World speed: x5
  • Troop speed: x3
  • Game version: Halloween Hunt
  • Beginner’s protection: Max. 3 days or until you reach a population of 200 in total
  • (Great) Granary, Warehouse, and Cranny have double the capacity compared to x1 speed rounds
  • Vacation days: Up to 7 days with a 24-hour advance countdown
  • Tier 2 items and registration deadline: On Friday the 13th 🎃
  • Tier 3 items: On Saturday the 21st
  • Wonder of the World activation: Tuesday the 31st (Halloween)
  • Approx. game round duration: 5-6 weeks

TREAT only

Night truce times: midnight to 8.00 am UTC, no daylight saving changes

Get ready for new masks, new achievements, and candy! Find a team to play with on Discord, if you dare…


Happy haunting!

Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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