Halloween Hunt Rule Set

Dear brave zombies,

For those of you who have never played on a Halloween Hunt game world, and as a reminder for the ones who have, we have gathered the general Halloween Hunt rules in this post.

Zombies & Ghosts

During Halloween, the undead leave their graves, and all the heroes playing on a Halloween Hunt game world become zombies 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️. You can choose between unique cosmetic features only visible on TRICK and TREAT.

Robbers, on the other hand, aren’t so lucky. They return for Halloween as ghosts 👻 and haunt you in hideouts and camps marked with jack o’lantern pumpkins on the map 🎃.

Halloween Masks

Every year, we introduce new Halloween masks for your hero. Once unlocked, a mask remains unlocked for any future game round. To put one on, go to the hero customization menu. Each mask has a related special achievement you can only obtain if you wear that specific mask while performing a certain task.


There are many special achievements you can only unlock on a Halloween Hunt game world. Check out this blog post for the known ones: The Achievement Hunt Continues

Someone Call a Doctor?

And there is also this regular achievement only available on Halloween Hunt game worlds.

  • Task: Heal X troops with bandages on Halloween Hunt game worlds
  • Category: Hero
  • Levels: 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000

Troops healed in the Healing Tent are excluded.


The two Halloween Hunt game rounds are called TRICK and TREAT. Both are always x5 speed rounds. TRICK is the more competitive round; while on TREAT, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep during the night truce from midnight to 8:00 a.m. UTC (no daylight saving changes).

The Mysterious Mist

The mysterious mist gathers around the Wonders of the World and affects all villagers brave enough to settle within it!

  • The mysterious mist helps conceal the villages. Attacking catapults are less effective, and scouting attacks are less efficient.
  • Troops trained in these misty villages, however, are tougher. As a result, all outgoing attack types are more powerful than usual.
  • Great celebrations are more effective at keeping the inhabitants loyal during inbound and outbound conquests.

Use the combat simulator to unravel the mysterious mist by checking the mist box there.


On Halloween Hunt game worlds, werebats 🦇 and werespiders 🕷 dominate wild oases. They not only spawn more often than on other worlds. When caught with cages, they are also far stronger in defending your villages. Plus, catching them will help you reach the Community Challenge milestones!

Community Challenges

Even though there are two game worlds, TRICK and TREAT, both together form the Halloween Hunt. To strengthen this bond, all players on both game worlds work together to accomplish the milestones in the Community Challenges. Although it’s a joint effort, each player gets their own bounty. The actual challenges vary every year, just like the prizes 🎭.

Are you ready for HaHu to begin? Find a team on Discord.


It’s starting to get spooky around here,

Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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