iOS Release Notes 06/24

Dear players,

Now’s the time to update your game and enjoy these new features and improvements on iOS.


  • Kingdom Treaties Creation: Implemented the ability to create and manage kingdom treaties, enhancing cooperative gameplay.
  • Wonder of the Worlds Statistics: Added detailed statistics for the Wonder of the Worlds.
  • Tributes Screen Enhancement: Improved the tributes deny list with additional information.

Bug Fixes:

  • App Stability: Fixed an issue causing the app to crash when a message is long-pressed.
  • Tributes Collection: Resolved the problem where Kings were unable to collect tributes from Governors.
  • Card Game: Corrected the mix-up between Green crystals and Yellow crystals in the card game.
  • Send Troops: Fixed the issue preventing players from attacking oases due to deactivated buttons.
  • Animals in the village: Fixed the issue where animals would disappear after relocation.

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