iOS Release Notes

Dear players,

Here we’ve gathered the most recent iOS changes. They have already been published on the forum. A big THANK YOU to our TestFlight users for their help in making the app better 💛.


  • Field messages on the map: Write manual field messages on the map, leave a comment when placing field markers, and read messages that other players have placed on the map.
  • QOL: Use your keyboard to input custom numbers, e.g., to enter the exact number of resources on the marketplace or the number of troops at the rally point.
  • Registration to the game round ends when tier 2 items appear (day 40 at x1 speed or day 14 at x3 speed).
  • Delete account button: Beware that pressing this button will result in permanent deletion. All your progress, your (lobby) Gold, your prestige, etc, will be gone.

Chat Improvements

  • Use long press to format text. Just press on the text and hold your finger there for a while and you will be able to use bold or italic.
  • Like in the browser, you can now search for in-game links like coordinates, player names, kingdoms, or villages and link them in the chat.
  • Use your phone cache to copy a report link into a chat and the recipient will be able to open that report with one tap.

Only in-game links will be shown as links in the chat. You can copy and paste external links as well, but they will still be shown as plain text. We keep it like this for several reasons, mainly to prevent attracting spammers who want to target you, our players.

Bug Fixes

  • NPC trader in barracks and stables is usable again.
  • Night truce timings are now shown in the app lobby. If the game round is affected by winter time, the displayed time will adjust as soon as the changes are set in place. Click on the game world name and then game world details to see the information for your game round.
  • Several bug and crash fixes.

Check out the latest browser release notes here: 🖥 | Browser Release Notes

Have fun playing!

Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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