Kingdoms Dynasty: Game World Details

Get ready for the ultimate challenge in . Launching on February 20th, this unparalleled adventure is reserved for those with 1.000 or more Prestige.

Continue reading to learn more about the game world details, Conditions of Participation, and grand rewards!

Time to get familiar with the world

  • Start day: February 20th 
  • Start time: 2:00 pm UTC +1 
  • Entry restriction: 1.000 Prestige 
  • Sitters and Duals can only be set if they have 1.000 or more Prestige
  • Game Version: Standard Speed x2 
  • Troop Speed: 1.5x 
  • Storage Size: 1.25x (granary and warehouse)
  • Kingdom Unions: Available after 06.03.2024 
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 items: 11.03.2024 and 31.03.2024 
  • World Wonder activation: 26.04.2024 
  • Beginner’s protection: 5 days or until you reach a population of 200 in total 
  • Vacation: 0 Days 
  • Invite a Friend: Not available 
  • Special Prizes!

Conditions of Participation

Please become familiar with the Conditions of Participation before joining the world. Additionally, Kingdoms Dynasty will have stricter rule enforcement with more frequent checks to ensure a fairer gaming experience.

A Trophy awaits you, and much more

🏆 Kingdoms Dynasty Trophy

The King of the Winning Kingdom will receive a unique physical Trophy to showcase the skill and talent it takes to make history. The Kingdoms Dynasty Trophy will be revealed in the coming days!

👑 Exclusive Cosmetic

This crown, inspired by the wild stories around Natars, can be earned in two ways: 

  • Be a member of a winning Kingdom: When the World Wonder is finished, members of the winning Kingdom will all receive the crown to be used in any game world. Duals or Sitters are not included.
  • Reach the top 3 rankings: For those not part of the winning Kingdom, you can earn your special crown by reaching one or more of the top 3 positions in Attacker, Defender, Population, or Hero.
🧾 Achievements

The following two Achievements are available for Kingdoms Dynasty players:

  • “Kingdoms Dynasty”: For players that reach the Endgame by staying in the competition.
  • “You are worthy”: For players that reach one or more of the top 10 positions in Attacker, Defender, Population, or Hero at the end of the game world.
🪙 Grand Gold Rewards

The first-ever Kingdoms Dynasty comes with an impressive Prize budget of over 77.000 Gold! This Gold will be granted as Lobby Gold and can be used in any game world after the round. If you get ranked in multiple Brackets, the rewards will be cumulative, and your total prize will increase.

If a role has not been mentioned separately in the ‘Winning Kingdom’ column, this means any player can set their goal for these rewards whether they are part of the Winning Kingdom or not.

Total number of prizesGold Amount BracketsTop 10 RankingWinning Kingdom
4x1750Rank 1Rank 1Rank 1Rank 1
4x1400Rank 2Rank 2Rank 2Rank 2
4x1000Rank 3Rank 3Rank 3Rank 3
4x850Rank 4Rank 4Rank 4Rank 4
8x700Rank 5Rank 5Rank 5Rank 54 Dukes
20x500Rank 6 – 10Rank 6 – 10Rank 6 – 10Rank 6 – 10
100x350Governors Rank 1-100 (by Population) 

Will your name be etched in the annals of history? Now is the time to lead your people to glory!

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