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Have you already decided on a Halloween costume this year? If not, maybe our new Halloween masks will inspire you.

Halloween Masks

Here’s a preview of the new masks.


There are several ways to get your hands on a Halloween mask. But picking up a specific mask is not that easy. And that’s why we’re introducing a new hero item: Candy 🍬. Candy is only available on Halloween Hunt worlds.

Get a specific mask

The only way to get a specific mask without a roll is directly in the hero appearance menu. There, you can exchange 1,000 Candy for the Halloween mask you want.

Gather Candy

If you draw a duplicate mask in a great deal or in a Community Challenge reward, you’ll get 125 Candy instead.

What’s more, you’ll find a small amount of Candy on hero adventures, in the card game, and in daily quests.

Candy is stored in the hero inventory.

Candy Offer

This offer includes 250 Candy and can be bought several times.

Convert Candy to Silver

You can sell Candy in the auction house to get Silver. 1 Candy = 20 Silver.

Great Deals

Great deal prices generally stay the same during sales. All great deals are only available on Halloween Hunt worlds, with only one exception.

Halloween Package

This package is the only one available on all game worlds; it can only be bought once, includes 1 roll for a Halloween mask AND other useful items, and is available until October 31st. If you have already unlocked all Halloween masks, you can buy it at a lower price.

Masquerade Offer

This package can be bought several times, includes only 1 roll for a Halloween mask, and is available until October 31st.

Trick or Treat Package

This package can only be bought once and includes 35 Gold and many useful items.

Halloween BOOst

We’ve overhauled the Halloween BOOst and packed it with loads of useful items for the endgame, including daily bandages and healing potions. It will unlock on Halloween, October 31st, and can be extended. That’s why you’ll find it in the boost tab.


Even though there are several ways to buy a roll for a Halloween mask, a specific mask is only available when completing a Community Challenge milestone. Join TRICK or TREAT to find out which one.

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