Release Notes v. 0.100 – v.0.105

Dear players,

we have gathered here the most important updates from the last five browser release notes. They were formerly shared on the forum. Use the table of contents to jump to the topic that interests you most.



Thank you again for sharing your ideas and giving us feedback. Most of the improvements listed below were done because of players speaking out about wanting them.

Horn of the Natars

All Horn of the Natars are more valuable. They grant an attack bonus against:

  • Natars in Wonders of the Worlds
  • Natars in their villages
  • Robber hideouts and robber camps
  • Wild animals in oases

Domesticated animals in villages are excluded. The combat simulator has been adjusted accordingly.

The Healing Tent

Wounded infantry and cavalry can be healed in the Healing Tent. Higher levels reduce the healing time and increase the capacity for wounded troops. You can build multiple tents in one village.

  • Main Building level 10
  • Academy level 15

If a level 20 Healing Tent already exists in the village, you can build additional Healing Tents to increase their capacity. They do not increase healing speed or allow more troops to be healed simultaneously.

The Healing Tent will get its own spot on the menu on the top left next to the Workshop.

For more details about this new building, visit the dedicated Knowledge Base article.

Healing Tent

You can also find the requirements and the description in the in-game help in Buildings > Military > Healing Tent.

Raids Filter in Rally Point

raiding filter in rally point

As you can see in the screenshot, there is a new filter in the rally point for raids. This makes it easier for you to cancel outgoing farm list raids quicker. You can also identify raids in the unfiltered list easier thanks to the new icon.

More Storage on Speed rounds

We have increased the storage space for Crannies, Granaries, Warehouses, Great Granaries and Great Warehouses for all tribes.

The storage room for x3 speed rounds has increased by 1.5. For special x5 speed rounds, it has increased by 2.

Vacation mode

  • Premium features: “Finish Now,” “NPC Trader,” and “Instant Delivery” are disabled during vacation.
    • Greyed out buttons with tooltip texts.
    • Locks on hero items in inventory.
    • The free 5-minute “Finish Now” stays enabled.
  • Marketplace: During vacation, it isn’t possible to buy or sell resources.
  • Oases: As soon as you initiate vacation mode:
    • All assigned oases will be given up.
    • Reinforcing troops in any oasis will automatically come home.
    • Oases cannot be assigned during the vacation phase of vacation mode.
    • Adjusted in-game help text

The vacation phase does not include the boost phase after coming back from vacation. As soon as the boost phase starts, oases can be annexed again.

For more details about the vacation mode, visit the dedicated Knowledge Base article.

Vacation Mode

You can also find the requirements and the description in the in-game help in Account system > Vacation mode.

Relocation Restrictions

Players are not able to relocate with a total troop consumption above 2,000, including own troops stationed somewhere else. Bear in mind that some things reduce crop consumption, like the Roman Horse Drinking Trough and troops stationed in the Wonder of the World.

  • If you’ll get a relocation invite and have a total troop consumption of 1,800 or higher, you will see a warning in the invite in your embassy
  • If you then pass the limit of 2,000, the accept button will be greyed out
  • If you’ll lose some troops again and go under the limit, you will be able to accept this invite

This mechanic change is also explained in the in-game help in Village > Relocation.

Or visit the dedicated Knowledge Base article.


Additional improvements

  • Registration to game round ends with appearing of the tier 2 items (day 40 on x1 speed, day 14 on x3 speed)
  • Tier item release: a system notification pops up when tier 2 and tier 3 hero items become available in a game round.
  • Hero revival: The number of resources needed to revive a hero is shown in red if there are insufficient resources in the current village.
  • Beginners’ Protection: New warning when you reach a population of 200 so that you don’t drop out of beginner’s protection by accident.
  • End Game: New end screen during the final calculations and improved end game behavior in general.
  • Rally Point: Improved starvation for standing troops when crop delivery arrives at the last second.



We have introduced some new achievements in the last releases.

Semper Fidelis

  • Task: Be part of the same Kingdom Union for X days in a row
  • Category: Social
  • Levels: 10, 25, 50, 75, 100

Switching Kingdoms or becoming inactive resets the counter. Also, not logging in for a day will stop the counter until you resume playing (or become inactive which leads to a counter reset). The speed of a game round has no effect on this achievement.

Night Owl

  • Task: Complete X adventures during night truce
  • Category: Hero
  • Levels: 5, 10, 20, 50, 200

This achievement is only available on night truce worlds. Adventures only count when the hero will return. Short and long adventures each count as one adventure towards this achievement.

Hidden Agenda

  • Task: Defeat X scouts by counter-scouting
  • Category: Battle
  • Levels: 100, 1000, 5000, 20000, 50000

Remember: Only the scouts in your village can detect incoming scout attacks. No other unit can do it. Scouts in regular attacks won’t count towards this achievement either, only those caught spying on your village. If you are supporting another player’s village with scouts, the defeated scouts will count for the owner of the attacked village, not for you. Also, spying on yourself won’t count towards this achievement (your Equites Legati, Scouts, and Pathfinders are too well-trained to fall for that trick).


  • Task: Have X of each animal in one village
  • Category: Power
  • Levels: 1, 10, 20, 50, 100

If you have never owned a hundred elephants in a single village before reaching level 5 of this achievement, your love for pachyderms will be rewarded twice over.


Bug Fixes

In every release, as well as in-between when it came to high priority bug fixes, we have included several bug fixes. Here, we only list the most relevant ones for the community.

Kingdom Unions Fixes

  • The kingdom union notification showed the wrong timer. We fixed this, and you’ll now see the correct duration until their availability.
  • Sometimes, the welcome screen message about united kingdoms was not just shown to the kingdom members, but to all players on a game world. We fixed this, and only kingdom members will get this message again.

Report Fixes

  • Shared attack reports from black secret societies showed the wrong header sometimes. This is fixed.
  • When sharing defense reports with the kingdom, information about supporting troops was shared. This is not the case anymore. Now, only the type of defending troops of the village owner is shown. As before, the number of troops is masked by a “?”.
  • Sometimes, the order of some reports got jumbled after relocating. This is fixed.

Fixes Around Conquering

  • Sieges sometimes arrived 1 second too late. This is fixed.
  • If you conquered a village and with it met the requirements of some achievements, they weren’t triggered immediately. Now, they do. (e.g. Village on a diet)
  • When your hero was revived after the home village was conquered, they came to life in that conquered village. We’ve changed that and the hero will be revived in their capital village.

Honorable mentions

  • Secret societies: We fixed the target search bar so that you can create secret societies with a target again.
  • Map: If there were 2 field messages active on the same field, they sometimes disturbed each other and couldn’t be opened. This is fixed.
  • Robber Camp: While having the village detail screen of a Robber Camp open, new incoming attacks weren’t shown. This is fixed now, and you will be informed about new attacks even if you have the detail screen still open.
  • WW: Troops in Wonders of the World consume half the crop. As soon as these troops are sent back to their home village, their crop consumption will return to the full rate. Now this includes the return trip

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