Release Notes v. 0.108 – Candy Hunt

Candy Hunt

Dear players,

On Thursday, October 5th, at 1:00 pm CEST (UTC+2), one hour BEFORE the Halloween Hunt worlds start, we’ll spread the Halloween spirit on all game worlds and roll out a new release.

The planned downtime will last no more than 20 minutes. Therefore, please plan your troops’ crop consumption accordingly.

Halloween Masks

We’re ensuring the new Halloween masks and all related achievements will be visible on all game rounds. You’ll find the locked masks in the cosmetics overview in the hero appearance selection.

Forum Links

As mentioned before, we will close the forum at the end of this year. That is why we will replace the lobby and in-game links to it with links to this blog and Discord.

Bug Fixes

All live worlds will get the following bug fixes. We are able to fix bugs because you report them! Thank you 💛👑

  • Building queue: When filling the building queue slots with the same building, the next level sometimes didn’t upgrade automatically. This has now been fixed.
  • Ice fishing: In December, the winter theme will be available again. We made sure you’ll be able to do your favorite activity in multiplayer games, even in winter, and go fishing.
  • Relocation:
    • City: If a player relocated with a city and then lost inhabitants, the downsizing to a village didn’t work properly. This has now been fixed.
    • Village naming: If you decided to just press the same key three times instead of properly naming your first village, only one of those characters survived a relocation. This is fixed now, and you can be as uncreative as you want to be when it comes to naming your villages.
  • Farm lists: If a village on your farm list got conquered, it sometimes did not get removed automatically from the list. This has now been fixed.
  • Field marker: If you play as a governor and have marked fields on the map, you weren’t able to see kingdom markers on the same field until later in some cases. This has been fixed and you will see these markers immediately.

Halloween Hunt

Only on TRICK and TREAT will you have the full Halloween Hunt experience. This year, it’s all about Candy, Community Challenges, six new hauntingly unique masks, and six new special achievements.

Check out the 🎃 | Halloween Hunt category to get more details of what you can expect.

For the eagle eyes within our playerbase: You might have spotted that we skipped two numbers in the release note version number. We are using them internally for the next new thing we are working on behind the scenes: disbanding kingdom unions and the fealty system. We don’t want to misuse the Halloween worlds as test worlds. That’s why these new features are NOT part of this year’s Halloween Hunt.

Here’s a preview of the new special achievements only available on Halloween Hunt.

Can you guess which achievement badge is linked to which mask? Share your thoughts with us on Discord.


Happy haunting season!

Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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