Release Notes v.0.110

Dear players,

The following changes were first applied to a new Fealty System Test World on 11.04.2024. Next, our team moves to implement the update on the BBash1 and BBash2 worlds starting on 14.05.2024. After this, you can expect to see the bug fixes arriving in more game worlds.

Fealty System

  • Fealty System has been implemented.
  • Boots that give an experience boost for the Hero no longer affect Quest rewards or Scrolls but only experience earned from battles and adventures. The Fealty bonus for experience works the same way.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Tribute generation for banned players has been disabled. 
  • The governor’s tribute shows now correctly when the tribute fund is full in the Governor’s village.
  • Fixed an Oasis layout issue in the Embassy.
  • A King can no longer collect tributes from villages outside of their own treasury influence.
  • An NPC governor’s village can no longer turn into a third robber hideout after the King’s abdication and relocation.
  • The tribute bar now resets correctly when a Governor gets attacked
  • Duke and Vice-king will both see reports of all kingdom members when a village they both reinforce is attacked.
  • Event jams no longer cause attacks/raids to show as greetings but are processed without delay before peace starts.
  • Quest rewards for “building upgrade” now refund all levels queued and paid.
  • Resource production in the top bar is now updated correctly when adding attribute points to resource production or when the hero is revived.
  • The game no longer gets stuck for Kings who delete their game progress in the lobby during the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue with the building queue when relocating with a moat upgrade queued in the previous location.
  • World Wonders that finish in the same second no longer lead to extra prestige, victory points, or achievements.
  • Added a new Lobby Prestige Level

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