Welcome to the Travian Kingdoms Blog

Welcome to the Travian Kingdoms blog!

We are excited to announce Travian Kingdoms’ own blog! The acclaimed online strategy browser game is still growing strong, as the latest and constant new features prove.

We have implemented a new animated start page, a new logo and a new domain. In addition, one of the biggest changes to the game and one our players are most excited about, the so called Kingdoms/Alliance merge, can already be enjoyed.

It seems only reasonable that the next step would be to inaugurate a blog where we can feature the development of the game as well as other relevant content. In this blog, you will find some of the best players’ guides and tricks, interviews with both our most veteran players as well as with members of the team behind the success of Travian Kingdoms. This, however, is only the beginning and there’s much more to come!  We encourage you to discover all that is awaiting you on the blog.

What are you waiting for? Join us over at Kingdoms.com and follow the game on Twitter @TravianKingdoms, Youtube, and Facebook.com/TravianKingdoms, where we’ll be sharing news, artwork, videos and announcements.


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