Spring Deal

🌸 Spring is here; it’s time to prepare your villages for a new season! 

Get space for an additional building with the extremely rare building ground item, and with all the other items and resources you need in this bundle, you can have your new building ready in no time!

This yearly offer becomes available on 12.04. at 14:00 UTC+2 and ends on 19.04. at 22:00 UTC+2.

Contents of the Package

  • 1x Building ground
  • 1x Resource chest 5%
  • 1x NPC trader
  • 2x Finish now

Extra Building ground

Do you need an additional Warehouse, or perhaps a Healing tent, but all spaces are already occupied? This item allows you to expand your village by unlocking a new building site (you can use 2 per village). Just click on the item in the hero’s inventory to use this bonus.

The additional building slot(s) will appear in the mountain area at the bottom right corner of your village, as shown below.

1x Resource chest 5%

Once a day, you can use a chest to deliver 5% of your daily gross production to your current village. This delivery happens instantly. You will find smaller chests during your travels, which you can merge into larger chests, up to 5%.

2x Finish now

This item lets you finish any current construction or research task for free. The longer your construction or research time, the more Gold you will save — a convenient item to be used throughout the game round. No more waiting for that level 12 crop field.

1x NPC trader

Too much iron and too little wood? Or is there an attack coming, and you need to spend all your resources as fast as possible? This item allows you to use the NPC merchant to trade resources at a 1:1 rate for free. The NPC Trader is one of our most popular features and saves you time waiting for the last resource that is still missing from your next building level. Another popular way to use the NPC Trader is to visit Barracks or Stables and train the maximum number of your favorite troops overnight.

Wishing you a sunny and refreshing spring!

Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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