Summer Package with one-in-a-melon Helmet

Embrace the sunshine and dive into the season with a one-in-a-melon helmet and a selection of essential items. Get your Hero ready for unforgettable summer adventures!

This one-time package will become available in all worlds the day Summer Mayhem launches, from June 25th to July 15th.

Contents of the Package

  • Melon Helmet Cosmetic
  • 5x Card game rolls
  • 1x Secret Adventure
  • 1x Resource chest (5%)
  • 1x Crop chest (5%)

Card Game Rolls

Summer, siestas, and card games. With this package, you get five rolls to win anything from Gold to Gems and coveted Building slots.

The game gives you one free attempt each day as long as you log in and try your luck. After the free roll, you can spend 5 Gold to flip a new card, or flip all for 20 Gold and choose four of your favorites. Fortune is often on your side, as you can win Gold, more free rolls, and items that are hard to come by otherwise. Read more about prizes.

Secret Adventure

This unique item can be used only once daily, granting your hero an extra Adventure point. Will you use it right away to explore more areas or save it until Tier 2 or 3 items spawn? Experienced players are known for keeping just enough extra Adventures to find the greatest gear out there. Read more about Adventures.

Resource and Crop chest

You can use both of these chests once a day to deliver 5% of your daily gross production to your current village.

Make a splash this summer and become one of the coolest fruits on the block!

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