Experience the Fealty System

The Fealty System will soon be available to reward Birthday Bash players who remain part of the same Kingdom. New bonuses will unlock with each Fealty level, while already-unlocked bonuses will receive additional boosts. And let’s not forget the Lobby Prestige level bonus on top! Keep on reading to learn more.

Fealty System Comes With Levels

  • You will reach new levels after generating enough Fealty points
  • Your level is connected to the current Kingdom you are part of
  • Your level determines the bonus effects given to you
  • The maximum level is 20
  • Your level resets to 1 when you leave a Kingdom or join a new one
  • You will keep your level when merging into a Kingdom Union

Disbanding Kingdom Union

  • Kingdom Union will be disbanded if a King abdicates by their own choice or because of inactivity if there is no Vice-King.
  • Kingdom Union is also disbanded if the King and Vice-King are simultaneously inactive.
  • Fealty bonuses will be disabled until the end of the game round
    – For Kings: Only when their abdication leads to the disbanding of the Kingdom Union
    – For Vice-Kings: As soon as they abdicate

Generating Fealty Points

  • Points are only given when you are active and a member of a Kingdom. Points are not generated when you are inactive or using vacation mode.
  • Points are generated throughout the day, all day, which you can track in a new Fealty tab.
  • Fealty Boost can be activated for a +20% point generation in the Gold Shop.

The amount of points generated each day will increase with item tier release dates:

DefaultTier 2 releasedTier 3 released
1x speed5007501000
3x speed150017502000
5x speed250027503000

During Beginner’s Protection, point generation is multiplied by 1.5x: 
Example: 500 (1x speed, default tier) * 1.5 (default multiplier) = 750 Fealty Points generated

Your 20 Fealty Bonuses

Fealty BonusUnlock LevelMin. bonusMax. Bonus
Combat bonus vs. wild Oases21%7%
Hero XP bonus21%7%
Bonus vs. Robbers31%7%
Hero revival cost4-2%-18%
Hero revival time5-3%-18%
Troop carrying capacity62%9%
Culture points per day724336
Workshop training costs8-3%-9%
Cavalry training costs9-3.5%-9%
Infantry training costs10-4%-9%
Building time reduced11-1%-9%
Building cost reduced12-0.5%-4.5%
Healing tent healing cost13-2%-9%
Healing tent healing time14-1%-4%
Infantry training time15-1.5%-4%
Cavalry training time16-2%-4%
Attack bonus176%9%
Defense bonus182%4%
Troop movement speed
Merchant travel time to kingdom members*
Total crop consumption20-4%-4%
*Changed based on player feedback on Discord

You will earn extra bonuses on top of Fealty Bonuses based on your Lobby Prestige level. The Prestige bonus will be applied after you have reached the required Fealty Level. We are also introducing one extra tier (at 20k Prestige), which will be a requirement for the last tier of the Prestige bonus. These bonuses come with flat values that will not increase after being unlocked:

Prestige BonusFealty LevelPrestige LevelBonus
Combat bonus vs. wild Oases211%
Hero XP bonus211%
Bonus vs. Robbers321%
Hero revival cost42-1%
Hero revival time53-1%
Troop carrying capacity631%
Culture points per day7448
Workshop training costs84-1%
Cavalry training costs95-1%
Infantry training costs105-1%
Building time reduced116-1%
Building cost reduced126-0.5%
Healing tent healing cost137-1%
Healing tent healing time147-1%
Infantry training time158-1%
Cavalry training time169-1%
Attack bonus17101%
Defense bonus18111%
Troop movement speed
Merchant travel time to kingdom members
Total crop consumption2013-1%
Example: A player with Lobby Prestige level 3 has access to 6 bonuses in total but can benefit from those only after reaching Fealty Level 6.

The Fealty System is visible and accessible only if you have joined a Kingdom.
Here, we can see the Lobby Prestige Level bonus added to four Fealty bonuses, while three are still greyed out, waiting for a higher Lobby level.

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